Still can’t get used to my fancy gym!!! Did a serious ab session, but I’m now drinking a beer which is fairly counter intuitive! Oh, and I got on my first motorbike taxi!

Love that my gym has a Burberry in the basement! First time I’ve been to the gym since Uni and it’s great to be doing some proper exercise! Vietnam feels more like home everyday!


So I’ve been here a couple of weeks
And I’m getting used to it. I’m socialising a lot and meeting new people. The only thing that is really getting to me is how
Isolated I feel emotionally from the people back home. My family seem so disinterested in me now and the other people I care about have their own lives that I’m not a part of anymore. I guess I’ll get used to it and work out how to ignore the way it makes me feel, but I can’t even communicate how I feel to them.

Gaelic football in d7! I’m in general not a ball sports person, but it was a great opportunity to learn something new and work in a team with lovely people! I’ll eventually get used to the weird rules! Don’t be fooled by the cooler, it looks like water on the top but it’s all tiger underneath!!


If someone you don’t even know tells you you’re a slut and annoying it’s time to kill yourself.

Temple in HCMC.

Running in vietnam: my knee is really really bad and I’m really upset because all I can do here is run, I don’t know how to sort it out and I’m now convinced it’s a really major problem as I’ve only run a tiny bit; tri, Wednesday and today. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the mornings in the park here, I saw salsa dancing, badminton and various yoga/ tai chi!

Vietnam adventures so far, a lot of beer drinking, avoiding mopeds and playing with owls!!!


couturetri, you resemble her at this angle!

That is the most amazing thing anyone had ever said to me! She’s my favourite actress


couturetri, you resemble her at this angle!

That is the most amazing thing anyone had ever said to me! She’s my favourite actress


Being alone is something really new to me. I’m used to being lonely; surrounded by people who at least speak the language etc, but actually being completely alone in a foreign country really sucks. I’m starting to think I made a giant mistake deciding to take this job…

First run in vietnam: 1.5 miles at 6.00 am and it’s still red hot. My knees are killing me from sitting on the flight for so long and my shins are already playing up. Might be time to start slow and small and work up very slowly. I miss my bike already, but the traffic here is insane so I’d be too scared to use it anyway! My apartment is incredible, but a lot of the other new teachers seem to have brought their other halves with them so I’m like the only person on my own ;( it’s like being the ultimate third wheel!

Plane’s delayed by an hour due to rain! Come on England this is what we are good at!!!! On the bright side I’m working the sexy fanny pack look?!

Oh, and our pilot is called ‘captain Morgan’ bit sure how I feel about that!!!

Pre flight selfie; feeling kind of sad and a little like I’m losing something.

pictures from today’s tri

Yes,if I ever see someone taking a picture of me when I’m racing I will pull a ridiculous face!

First and last tri of the season as tomorrow is the day I piss off to newer and warmer climes!
The tri was great, although due to beautiful (not!) English weather we were soaked before we got in the water! The lake was lovely and not weedy or gross, I made amazing time on the swim and was into t1 before I knew it. My transition times are always bad, and because of the worsening weather I spent a lot of time faffing with the bike and my waterproof. The bike course was awful; busy roads and a two lap straight featuring three major roundabouts!
The run was the discipline I was most worried about and I was heartened when I set off that my legs felt fine and there was no collapsing! Sadly by the end of the first lap my decision not to wear socks had caught up with me and I could feel two large blisters on my Instep.
We finished in good time and I held occasionalclimbers hand as we crossed the line. Our first tri together, but last event before I leave for 10 months.
I’m so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life who treats not only as an equal in terms of athletics but I can safely say is the love of my life.
The couple who tris together stays together.