Pearl Jam - Future Days
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If I ever were to lose you
I’d surely lose myself
Everything I have found dear
I’ve not found by myself

Listening to this and thinking about you, and feeling like an idiot…

Beautiful temple in saigon

Bbgv annual fun run followed by brunch! a 4km run in d7 hcmc. It was kind of taken over by bis which was lovely as the kids were enjoying it all so much!

Pin up

You say saigon I say heat!!!!!! Saigon heat basketball team! Amazing game last night with my friends :)

Living the dream in saigon!!!

Marou chocolate is made in Vietnam and is literally the best chocolate of all time! It’s incredible!


Jens Voigt’s Hour Record.

With thanks to Ulf Schiller  / for the images

Time to go out in Saigon…Fierce!

Time to go out in Saigon…Fierce!

Swimming in a proper sized pool for the first time in ages. So nice to be able to do a good stroke and use my garmin!

Post gym selfie with Burberry shop in the background! Such an expat!!!

Gym time!

Having cocoa wine and a swim at a friend’s pool in hcmc!

Afl international mixed game today in d7. I actually scored the first goal for the red team so I was officially chuffed! Plus after we finished it was all about the free booze and watched the vietnam swans play the Philippines team!