One of those rides where it’s raining, geese are throwing themselves at you, old boys in Lycra weaving in front of you and motorists are hating on you purely because two wheels is evidently bad! Oh well, it was a rapha day, and because it was raining I got I wear a cap! There’s nothing like a cap :)

Going for a non cycling selfie.

Going for a non cycling selfie.


Going for arty black and white photos today! Did a 25 miler, a few gentle hills and pretty much clear roads. One of those days when riding feels better than anything else in the world. I’m going to miss my bike so much when I go to vietnam.

Speed work ride. I was on the flat pretty much beasting it: 17 miles, I managed to average 16 mph which is good considering the amount of slowing down I had to do for geese, children on bikes and idiot dog owners.

Brand new sidi cycling shoes! Happy girl!

Tomorrow is the outlaw triathlon (an ironman by a different name!) and today we went and did part of the swim course. Only an Olympic swim distance, but the water at Holme pierrepont is pretty grubby and it was full of ‘thrashy’ swimmers! Got a decent time considering I haven’t swum since February. Overall, a jolly good afternoon activity!

Sometimes when I’m feeling really stressed or down, I get some of my race numbers and medals out and think of the things I have achieved.

Sometimes when I’m feeling really stressed or down, I get some of my race numbers and medals out and think of the things I have achieved.

Open water swimming at ready money cove in Cornwall.

Amazing wine tasting at camel valley vineyard (an award wining winery in the south west) We arrived at the same time as the duchess of Cornwall! And felt a bit awkward as we were the only people Not trying to take photos of her! The brut is incredible and actually knowing they do all the harvesting and general maintenance on a staff of 6 on 25 acres is incredible!

Incredible bit of trail running today, along the coast from fowey, stopping on the beach at polkerris to take in the view :)

Bodmin moor sportive: the furthest I’ve ever ridden on terrain I am not used to! It didn’t start particularly well, my gears weren’t shifting properly and I couldn’t shift up from my small chainring and had to use some weird evasive manoeuvres in order to change gear. I psyched myself out way too much pre event and so once we hit our first major climb (2km of 12-15% gradient!) I was struggling mentally to just push myself up them (cadence and gearing was definitely an issue) after that it didn’t get much better; Cornwall is literally all ascents and descents, not great for me as more of a sprinter. I was ready to give up at mile 35 after being hit with a 25% descent on a single track lane complete with multiple hair pin bends, but Rich got me through it. Overall I’m glad I did it and stuck with it. But I probably won’t be cycling in the southwest again any time soon!!!

Awww I used to be a cutie… Now I’m a bad ass cyclist!!

Cleaning my bike in the garden in my bikini!
Since I’m resting my legs for my big Bodmin moor sportive on Sunday I thought I’d give my bike a really good clean instead!


When you are forced to talk to people who think cycling is shit and football is good, and then they bring up doping and you’re like ‘oh yeah because us doping in the 90’s is way worse than footballers constantly doing coke and raping women.’